Ryan Freebern (rfreebern) wrote,
Ryan Freebern

Just shy, not antisocial.

I bought a Just shy, not antisocial. (You can talk to me!) t-shirt from the xkcd store recently, because it applies to me. Today I am out in public taking it for a test drive. So far, I have noticed a number of people staring at my chest and I have felt self-conscious, but nobody has actually talked to me beyond normal cashier-customer interaction.

I was planning on live-blogging the whole experience but since 1) nothing has happened so far, and 2) I haven't been able to find a good wifi connection until just now, that idea's gone out the window.

I guess I'll update if anything happens.

Maybe my shirt is defective somehow.

Update, 2:30 pm: I got bored and came home. My shirt did not encourage anyone to talk to me. Oh well. Maybe I just need to spend more time breaking it in.
Tags: clothing, shyness
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