Ryan Freebern (rfreebern) wrote,
Ryan Freebern


We see a lot of wildlife here at this house. Over the winter we saw a muskrat and a fisher a few times, and a red fox once, and some deer. Since things have been warming up, we've seen a great blue heron, a kingfisher, a pair of moose, a groundhog (which we caught in a humane trap and took to a forest several miles away), and, yesterday, a big ol' porcupine!

The porcupine seemed pretty relaxed about having us nearby watching him. I guess he figured that he is covered with long, sharp spikes, and we are soft and easily punctured. So he let me get up to about 25 feet away before he even really took notice of me.

In that last one he is facing away from me and you can see all the white quills on his tail. What a neat visitor!
Tags: animals, porcupine, wildlife
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