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Out, out, damn spot!

Our landlady told us that shortly before we moved in, she had had the entire interior of the house repainted. It all looked pretty nice -- clean, white walls in most rooms. However, we discovered shortly that the paint used in the upstairs bathroom (the one with the shower in it) wasn't moisture-resistant, and over the past few months, it has started blistering and cracking and peeling, and mildew has taken hold everywhere. Eeeagh.

The upstairs rooms in this house all have gabled ceilings (I think? The ceilings match the slope of the roof overhead), with the peak about ten feet up. The bathroom is small and cramped, with the single-person shower stall installed as an afterthought. Hence, the mildew growing in the peak of the ceiling in there is basically unreachable. Yesterday I used surface cleaner and mildew remover and scrubbed the entire part of the bathroom I could reach -- the floors, toilet, walls, window frame, sink, etc. -- and even stood on a chair to reach as high as I could. Now the bottom 75% of the room is remarkably clean, with some minor mildew stains but nothing horrible, but the peak of the ceiling is still covered with mildew that I just can't reach.

So now I'm going to tell our landlady that something needs to be done about the paint in there. The needed repairs in this house are starting to pile up, and I hate to keep bugging her, but I guess that's my prerogative as a renter, right? Plus, maybe she'll feel guilty that it's been over two months since we told her the oven was broken and it's still not taken care of, so she won't get cranky about other stuff. Maybe.


Mar. 30th, 2007 11:44 am (UTC)
Re: I'm Not Crazy ...
Just so you know, I don't actually have a webcomic. You're probably thinking of one of the other 21 Ryans with webcomics.

Thanks for all the great info on mildew-removal and painting. I'll definitely pass this along to our landlady so that if she decides to have the room repainted, it's definitely done right this time.

There's no vent in the room -- it's an old house, and the one-person shower stall was pretty much installed as an afterthought -- so that's undoubtedly contributing. We had a dehumidifier in there all winter, which got rid of a lot of the moisture fairly quickly, and now that things are starting to warm up we can open the window a bit while we shower, but an actual vent fan would be much more effective, I'm sure.
Mar. 31st, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC)
Re: I'm Not Crazy ...
You've no idea how foolish I feel because I thought you were someone else. Heh, guess that happens all the time to people the world over.

But, it's been interesting reading your LJ in the past -- even if I had mistaken you for someone else.

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