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I need blog-fiber...

...to maintain my posting regularity.

I guess when I stop talking about the weather, I run out of things to talk about. I'm so interesting. Yesterday it got up to 52° F and mangofandango and I went for a walk. It was fantastic. I could get used to this, but I won't, because on Thursday the high temperature is supposed to drop back down into the 30s at least.

On Saturday, we went to the school district meeting, which was a few hundred townspeople all gathered together in the gym at the school, debating and voting on various school budget items. The big things passed (bond to pay for a sprinkler system for fire safety, the school's operating budget and teacher and support staff salaries) but the money to hire a part-time assistant principal didn't get passed. That's okay, really. In NH, we have no income tax, so peoples' taxes are entirely based on the value of their land -- which means farmers with lots of valuable land that they use for farming may owe tremendous amounts of taxes while not actually making that much money, which isn't really fair. There is a pretty big movement afoot to introduce a progressive taxation system, but it faces some big hurdles, not least that our state legislators currently can only get into office by pledging that they won't even consider supporting a state income tax.

Saturday evening we drove up to visit my brother and sister-in-law and their daughter, our niece, who is just over 6 months old now. She can sit up on her own and generally manipulate objects as desired, though her fine motor skills need some work. She seems to be a very happy kid, always smiling and laughing. It was nice to see her and her parents.

Sunday my parents stopped by for lunch on their way to bring my younger brother to camp for a week (like a summer camp, but, y'know, now). We met in Hanover, where my sister joined us, and had a good time. Their visit was a good excuse to clean the house, so we got a significant amount of cleaning done Sunday morning before they arrived, which is good. There are still some notable issues that need to be addressed (*cough*mildew*cough*) but at least we're keeping most stuff in check.