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The End of November

We spent the last four days or so in upstate New York, seeing our families for Thanksgiving, and just basically taking some time off for ourselves. It was quite an eventful break!

On Friday, it snowed all morning and afternoon, which made the roads quite slippery. We had been planning on driving to Albany to go to a dance club that night, but with the weather like it was, the trip got canceled. We might try to plan another one for Christmas break, though, since I think it would be fun. I still don't have appropriate clothes, though.

Friday afternoon I set up a birthday treasure hunt around my parents' house for my younger brother, who is turning 12 soon. I had written poems that contained riddles and puzzles, each one giving clues to the location of the next, and we stuck the first one in my parents' mailbox for my brother to discover. He solved all the clues in a hilarious fashion and got his prize, a miniature remote control car (not the overly-hyped Radio Shack brand ones; instead, I got him a Japanese version with the unfortunate name BitChar-A. My dad says, "What is this called? It doesn't look too nice from here..."). I will post pictures and details about this later, when I get home. I think some of you might find it amusing.

Saturday night, my sister threw a party for a bunch of our mutual friends, many of whom were also home for Thanksgiving. I got to see people who I enjoy being with but don't see that often, and I met two people who turned out to be fun to hang out with, although I expect I'll probably never see either of them again. The party ended on a sour note, however, when my (19-year-old) sister-in-law's immature and irresponsible 30-year-old boyfriend got drunk and unruly and we had to throw him out. He went home in a cab, and my sister-in-law defended his behaviour and went with him. The next day they insisted that there really wasn't any problem, and that me, my wife, and my sister had been the rude and irresponsible ones.

Oh well, it's her life.

Sunday we had planned on leaving early in the day so we'd have plenty of time once we got home, but my brother-in-law was getting confirmed at his church in the afternoon, so we stayed for that since he expressed interest in our being there, which he generally doesn't do about anything. We got on the road at about 6 P.M. and got home around 10:30, at which point we fell into bed, exhausted. The end!