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Peace on Earth

It snowed last night. I think this is the most substantial snow I've seen since we moved to Rhode Island. It makes me happy. I love snow, when I'm not outdoors in it, or being made to go shovel it. It makes everything quiet and subdued and pretty. Peaceful.

If I ever left the northeast, I'd miss the weather the most and least. It's hard to describe.

The office is nearly empty. They said, "use your discretion about coming in -- if it's safe, come in, if not, don't." And since native southern New Englanders all seem to be rather wussy about driving in any sort of semi-adverse weather conditions, nobody's gotten here yet. It's quiet, and the building still seems asleep.

I'm listening to Dar Williams, which is generally happy and fun and relaxing music that stirs memories of I-know-not-what, but they are pleasant.

I have little to no work to get done today, so I will leave early. We are going back to upstate New York for the Thanksgiving weekend, and I don't plan on using the computer much. It's nice to take a break. I've planned an alternate back-road route for tonight in an attempt to miss the worst of the holiday traffic, but it might be smarter to wait and leave tomorrow in the early early morning. We'll see.

I feel so good! I listened to Christmas music in the car this morning. I used to get sick of Christmas music so quickly when I was young and my parents would play it incessantly around the holidays, but now I love it. It makes me want to pick up my guitar and play, or buy a good keyboard and fiddle around with it. It makes me want to sing along. So I do.

I am giddy. Work will not bother me today. I hope you all feel good too. Sometimes it's just me and the snow and the promise of vitality and that's all I really need.


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Nov. 27th, 2002 07:21 am (UTC)
substantial snow in RI
did people flock to the grocery store to stock up on milk, bread, batteries and other essentials?

i heard that in 1977 or '78 or around then, there was a huge snowstorm in RI that wreaked havoc ... and ever since then, it's been something of a tradition for local folk to stock up at the first sign of storm.
Nov. 27th, 2002 07:32 am (UTC)
Re: substantial snow in RI
I don't know if other people did. I did buy batteries last night, but just because we've recently run out. That was sheer coincidence, I tell you!

With the price of groceries around here, stocking up could use up one's life savings. Bleah.
Nov. 30th, 2002 09:40 pm (UTC)
my mom rarely ever played christmas music in the house (she's a product of jw's) so now when i hear it, i get giddy. after work when i walk down main street to catch my bus, i hear christmas music playing all the way from the church on graham avenue. at least, i think that's where it comes from. either way, it's nice. it makes me smile and my bus ride home is even more enjoyable because portage avenue looks magical with all the christmas lights and angels. happy sigh.
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