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Since 1997, a group of my friends and I have been hanging out online and sharing links we find interesting. Since 2002 or so we've been logging these to a central database and we've built a fairly polished interface for it for our own use. Just recently we decided to share some of the links with the world, so over the past couple weeks I've built a public tumblelog interface that a selection of our links appear on.

Check out qumbler.com if you are interested. It's a fairly wide-ranging and unfocused blog, with posts about politics, technology, humor, design, usability, programming, etc.. It's medium-volume (probably six to twelve posts per day on average), with very little commentary. The LJ feed is qumbler. If you post links that I find neat, you can probably expect to see them appear on qumbler. Our archives go back for over a year, so feel free to explore older stuff. There's a lot of neat and useful stuff in there if you look around.

I hope you enjoy it! I'm fairly proud of the design and the cleanliness of the code behind it as well. It's nice to actually complete one of my personal projects that I've been thinking about for a while. That said, I'm already thinking up enhancements to add to it in the future... but that'll have to wait. It's good for now the way it is.