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I'm a writer!

I recently ended Just What I Wanted, my gift-ideas blog that I've been running (off and on) for fifteen months. It was fun but also tiring, constantly keeping up my two-posts-per-day. I'm sad to see it go but also glad to have the responsibility off my shoulders.

However! The guy who runs UberReview was a reader of JWIW, and when I ended it, he got in touch with me. He said he had enjoyed my writing, and would I like to write about tech stuff for his site?

Turns out he pays a small amount per post, with bonuses if the post drives a lot of traffic, and the topics and time commitment are largely up to me. I considered, and decided to give it a shot. A paid online journalism job, for me! I feel giddy about this.

Here's my first post: NukAlert Keychain: You Can Never Be Too Safe. I'll be posting regularly there from now on about gadgets and technology and design and other stuff in that vein, so if you like my writing, that's one place you'll be able to find it.