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Just as I decide that, heck, I like LJ despite its problems, I learn about the crap that is sponsored communities. Sigh.

At the risk of sounding one-note, I'm adding boycotting lj sponsors to my interest list, to indicate that I will studiously attempt to avoid giving my money to companies that pay for these travesties.

Maybe 6A will get the hint. And while I was interested in seeing The Science of Sleep, I think I'll wait until I can get it from the library now.


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Oct. 2nd, 2006 07:46 pm (UTC)
I don't see the problem. I mean, obviously the publishers of Science of Sleep are being idiots, but how is this 6 Apart's problem? Especially since the community's clearly labelled "sponsored community", so it's easy to tell what's going on?

If there was no "sponsored community" option, would it have bothered you for the film company to create a regular community for talking about the film? If so, what's the difference, from 6 Apart's point of view, between that and, say, Rob setting up a community for posting about the editing progress of The Krone Experiment?
Oct. 2nd, 2006 08:28 pm (UTC)
I consider it symptomatic of larger problems in the direction that 6A is taking the site -- rather than focusing on what the users actually want, they're focusing more and more on profit from advertisers. I've long felt that excessive use of advertisements has been a blight on the web, and I've always tried to avoid it. Even when I decided to create a blog devoted to finding neat stuff to buy, I thought long and hard before adding a single Google Ad to the page.

When I decided to get a permanent account, it had looked to me like LJ was a great thing -- advertisements were forbidden, and they continually innovated. Since then, it feels like all their innovation has been "Here's a new feature, for EVERYONE! And paid/permanent accounts get a higher MAX_LIMIT." In essence, it seems to me like they no longer care so much about attracting more paid users, and a large portion of the development time has been spent instead on coming up with new ways to add advertisements to the site. Sure, I can always just not visit the sponsored communities, and the plus accounts' ads don't display for me, but the fact that they're there bother me. Instead of "build a better service that people want to pay for," they're aiming for "sell our existing users' eyes to advertisers" as the way to make money. It may be more efficient, but I feel it's detrimental to the quality of the service and the web in general.
Oct. 3rd, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
i notice more and more what you mean.
which is unfortunate because many of my friends are on lj, i like some of the communities, but yeah i also like you writing again because you enlighten me to things i didn't know about or didn't think about that way before.
so all in all, i'm glad you are back, but i also am sad that they are getting too big for their own britches, or maybe mine.
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