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I'm in good hands

Today I got us a renter's insurance policy with Allstate. It's really cheap, and includes identity-theft coverage, and will cover our belongings even while we travel (which is actually why I decided to do it now). It's probably a good idea in general, too, and I should have done it long ago. But hey, now it's done and if our apartment catches fire we'll be able to replace everything.

The project I've been working on has been wrapping up for the past few weeks, with all the headaches that entails. In a nutshell, I was supposed to have two months to do a certain amount of finishing-up work, but due to someone else's lateness, I only had five weeks. So most of those five weeks has been spent in massive crunch mode, getting everything together. We launched the site only a few days after the projected date, which is pretty impressive I think, and things have been relatively smooth since then. Now life should return to somewhat normal for the next three weeks until we leave for Italy.

As a result of all the work craziness, I've fallen way behind on my Italian studies, and now I feel woefully underprepared language-wise. Sigh. Other than that, nearly everything is squared away for the trip at this point. We do need another set of luggage, but we're going to be doing some shopping this weekend to try and take care of that.

Sarah and I got ourselves some new bikes which arrived yesterday. Our old ones got discarded unexpectedly by the housing people while we were away fo a weekend a while ago. The new ones are both Dahon folding bikes, which are nice for living in an apartment and traveling in a small car like ours. Mine fits neatly in the back seat and hers fits very nicely in the trunk. I hope it gets warm and pleasant again soon so that we can go for a ride on the bike trail near here.

The Treehugger contest I entered apparently ended without any warning last night at midnight. I have no idea who was in the lead at that point, since I went to bed earlier than that. They're not announcing the winner until Monday, though. Thanks for voting, everyone who did!

Now it is time to make dinner. Mmm, chili!