Ryan Freebern (rfreebern) wrote,
Ryan Freebern

Presidents' Day cards

Monday is Presidents' Day, which is, of course, the day we let each other know how much we care. Use these fun slogans to create personalized Presidents' Day cards!
  • You Fillmore of my dreams than anyone else!
  • I want to be Lincoln with you!
  • Grant me your love!
  • It's not Hayes-y, it's clear that you should be mine!
  • Your arrow of love Pierces my heart!
  • Polk Polk! Be mine!
  • My love is custom Taylor'd to fit you!
  • My love for you is Truman!
  • Eisenhower you? I'm fine!
  • Don't be Nixon my love!
  • You're the one Ford me!
  • My love for you ain't Bush-league!
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