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New blog!

I have a new blog!

"But Ryan," I can hear you saying, "you hardly update the other blogs you purportedly maintain."

To this I say: Pish-tosh. I don't update those very often because I don't have interesting opinions very often. This new blog, it'll be different. You'll see! This blog has a specific purpose. I don't need opinions for it, just some elbow grease. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Just What I Wanted!

Just What I Wanted! is a gift blog. Every day from now until I lose interest, which will hopefully be far in the future, I will post a potential gift idea for you, my dear readers. Hopefully this will simplify your holiday gift-giving and make the next few months a little more joyous. In return, I hope to receive many interesting and thoughtful gift-related tips of my own, which I will be able to use to simplify my own gift-giving, and which I will then pass on to everyone else who is reading the blog.

NOTE TO MY FAMILY MEMBERS, INCLUDING IN-LAWS, AND ALSO FRIENDS WHO GENERALLY RECEIVE GIFTS FROM SARAH OR ME: if you want to be surprised this Christmas, don't read this new blog. Seriously.

If you want to add the JWIW feed to your friends list, it's syndicated as justwhatiwanted.