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I finished reading China Miéville's Iron Council today, and I'm still collecting my thoughts on it, but I am glad it won the 2005 Locus Award for best fantasy novel, because, like his other books set in Bas Lag, it is incredibly richly detailed and wonderfully told, and deserves heaps of accolades.

A few days ago (I forgot to mention) a box o' books from yhlee arrived in the mail, much to my excitement. It's full of wonderful odds and ends, and is sitting at my bedside now, with the four Steven Brust novels I picked up in Portland, Maine when we visited there in May. Some of the most interesting things in the box were the papers she used to pad it-- one of which was covered with notes taken while watching, I think, an episode of Battlestar Galactica. It's like a glimpse into the brain of Yoon!

Also included was a lovely sticky squishy brain, just like the one Sarah received with her 5mL bottle of "Mi-Go Brain Canister" from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Two brains are better than one.

So: thanks, yhlee! This pile of books will keep me occupied for a couple months, I'm sure, since I'm a slow reader, but it'll be fun to go through.