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I am allergic to furry animals. This is unfortunate, because I absolutely love cats. My parents always had cats while I was growing up, and so I spent the first 18 years of my life in an asthmatic stupor. Since I moved out, my asthma has been fine (in fact, I haven't had to use an inhaler for over a year) but I really haven't spent any time with cats.

Today, Sarah and I went for a walk in the little garden behind our apartment buildings. While we were there, we heard a loud, piteous meowing coming from the woods nearby, and, lo and behold, there was a gorgeous orange and white cat. He came over when I called, and turned out to be the friendliest cat ever. He loved the attention I gave him, and purred loudly, and rubbed his head against Sarah and I, and oh! I was happy.

Ryan and a cat

Now I have had a good fifteen or twenty minutes of Cat Time and I am pleased as punch. Someday I hope Sarah and I suddenly stop being allergic to cats so that we can have one of our own. Maybe a Sphynx!
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