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Move Update

So we spent the entire weekend moving from the old apartment to the new one. The new one started feeling like home sometime late Sunday night. I theorised that if we placed a "meaningfulness" value on every item we owned (where, say, a treasured book from childhood would be in the high 90's while a random fork would be closer to 5 or so) and then kept track of which apartment each item was at, we could pinpoint the exact geographical location of "home" based on the average distribution of meaningfulness values between the apartments. But then, I'm nuts.

But anyway, the new apartment really feels like home now, despite it being full of boxes and piles of stuff and not nearly enough furniture. The old place still has about two carloads of random things left, as well as Phil, our goldfish, and it needs extensive cleaning before we hand over the keys, but we'll be done with it by the end of the week.

Sunday morning when we were leaving the old apartment, our landlord's dad, who does all of the maintenance and upkeep for the place and is usually quite friendly, accosted us and scolded us, quite angrily, for playing a "dirty trick" by getting out of our lease a few months early. Our landlord had been perfectly okay with us breaking the lease early. We are paid through the end of December, and we said we'd help him find a new tenant, and he was fine with it. Apparently he forgot to tell his dad that.

Cable service is installed at the new place, and the reception there is a million times better than it ever was at the old place. The TV and one of the computers are sitting on the living room floor, since that's the only room with a cable hookup. I need to get several hundred feet of coaxial cable to run from the living room into the computer room at the other end of the apartment. That will be fun.

I got nothing done on my NotNaNoWriMo entry this weekend, which is why I can't possibly reach 50k words by the end of the month. Oh well. I have a nice new spacious apartment!