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The way businesses *should* do things, part 2

You may recall my raving about Crazy Burger back in April. Well, tonight we had another great experience with a local business.

When mangofandango and I lived down on the southern coast of Rhode Island, we used to drive into Westerly regularly to walk around the village, have dinner, and visit the library. One of our favourite stops was "Candy Galore & More", a cute little candy store right on the main drag.

We don't get down to Westerly much these days, but tonight I had an insatiable craving for pizza from The Pizza Place, so we were going to head down. We wanted to stop by the candy store if possible, so I called ahead to find out if they would be open.

"How late are you open this evening?" I asked when the proprietor answered the phone.
"Oh, I was just going to close up," he said. "Are you coming here?"
"Yeah," I said. "It'll take us about an hour, though."
"That's okay. I'll probably stay open. If my sign's out front, it means I'm open."

Wow. So we drove down, and got there about an hour later, and, lo and behold, it was open. We stopped in and spent about ten bucks on candy. As we were leaving, the proprietor (a friendly older gentleman) insisted that we try his truffles (they were delicious), and showed us his immense selection (all gorgeous, all mouth-watering, all huge) and rhapsodised at length on the quality of the truffles.

Then we left, and he started closing up shop.

Now that's service.
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