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My brother and his wife visited this weekend. It was their first trip to this state, so we wanted to show them around. Unfortunately, Rhode Island is designed to be used in the summer and ignored the rest of the year, so we were at a bit of a loss for things to do.

Friday night we got dinner at The Pump House, a nice seafood place a few minutes from home. It had a great atmosphere and the food was quite good. We spent the entire meal chatting about everything that has happened since we saw each other last, at Christmas. It was good to catch up.

Saturday was bright and sunny and warm, so we made our way to Newport intending to park on the Salve Regina University campus and walk along the Cliff Walk. We got there and discovered that, hey, America's Cup Avenue, which was the only way I knew how to get to Salve, was blocked for a St. Patrick's Day parade. We ended up driving around for a while until we found an alternate route to Salve, and we parked and walked on the Cliff Walk as planned.

We got lunch at The Black Pearl on Bannister's Wharf, which had good food and great clam chowder. (In his recent mystery novel The Cold Blue Blood, David Handler's protagonist Mitch Berger drives to Newport from Connecticut one day to get some Black Pearl clam chowder, which he claims is the best chowder in New England. Here is the actual statement, at the bottom of the page. His description of the restaurant is a few more pages in.) Then we shopped for a while, and went back to our place.

For dinner that night, inspired by this site, we made gyoza. We couldn't find gyoza wrappers so we used wonton wrappers instead, and they worked fine. We ended up making about forty dumplings, half with mushrooms and half with baby shrimp, and a batch of miso soup. It was all delicious and I will gladly give vague recipes to anyone who asks (we didn't follow recipes, just made it up as we went along, but I can at least tell you what we used).

Sunday we went to Providence Place, the huge downtown shopping mall, for a few hours, had lunch at Pizzeria Uno, and then all headed back to our respective homes. It was nice to spend some quality time with my brother and his wife, since we haven't really been able to do that too much for a while. I had a fun weekend.
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