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My Crezzy Life

This new apartment is sucking up all my time. Despite technically having until the end of December to move (we've paid rent on the old place until then), I realistically think we should be out by the end of next week at the latest, so I've been packing a few boxes' worth of stuff every evening and driving it over (and then carrying it up three flights of stairs -- my muskles are going to be strong by the time I'm done with this). It's amazing, the sheer amount of stuff we've managed to pack into this little apartment.

We've also been working on our budget for the coming months. Our savings are slowly starting to catch up (paying for last semester's tuition drained them) just in time to start paying for next semester, but my new job pays slightly better so hopefully we'll be able to afford new-apartment things like rugs and furniture. And then there's Christmas gifts to think about.

I read peoples' updates about their NaNoWriMo entries and get a bit jealous. I wanted to take part this year, and was planning to sign up even, but the new apartment took over all my free time so I didn't. I may try doing the novel-in-a-month thing on my own in a couple months. Next November seems too long to wait.

Also, I am going to go vote after work today. Democrat and Green. I am sick of Mister President and his anti-everything-good-and-beautiful stance.