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New music

Last week on NPR, I heard a review of Dan Reeder's self-titled CD. It was clever and simple blues music, quite catchy and fun to sing along to, so I ordered it.

Dan Reeder is not a musician, he's a painter. He just happens to enjoy making music. He built all his instruments (guitars, a bass, a ukelele, a drum kit, etc.) and a mixer, and recorded a bunch of songs onto a PC in his painting studio. He sang, recorded, and mixed several-part harmony with each one. Then, when he was satisfied, he sent the CD off to John Prine, who thought it was fantastic and is selling it on his little label, Oh Boy Records.

It is great stuff. I am amazed by what this guy has pulled off without any professional assistance or even commercial-grade instruments. It is inspiring and makes me want to try to write and record songs. I think I'll go download a whole bunch of nothings' songs now because they inspire me the same way.

I am happy. :)