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Utterly random

The office is way too cold today. I have to wear my coat to stay comfortable, and my hands are freezing no matter what. Brr.

It's fun to see how my AIM buddy list grows as more people arrive back at school and sign onto their always-on connections. Hi everyone! Feel free to IM me anytime.

Last week I ordered a load of new computer parts, since our two computers are about ready to kick various buckets, and it's high time we got some new ones that will hopefully last us another four or five years. Today, the first part of the shipment of stuff arrived in four big boxes, which are sitting at home in my living room. I want to leave work early because I am too excited. It's like Christmas again!

I got Animal Crossing for our Nintendo Gamecube for Sarah for Christmas this year, so we've been playing that lately. It's lots of fun! There is always so much neat stuff to do. I only spend fifteen or twenty minutes a day on it, usually, but I still feel like I'm getting somewhere. I like games that don't require a huge commitment.

I feel good about this year so far. I hope it stays this way. :)
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