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My parents bought us a Casio keyboard for Christmas, nothing extra-special fancy, but still an okay starter keyboard. I've been wanting a keyboard for a while so that I could get back into playing piano, which I haven't done since I was a pre-teen. So today we stopped in the local music store and picked up some very basic adult piano lesson books. I have trouble committing time to a project unless I have committed money to it as well, and so I think buying these books will be the impetus I need to actually practice. (We're still in the financial state where $30 worth of books is an investment.)

I'm also looking into replacing the guitar that duchez sent me a few years back. While it's an okay guitar, it's a wide-body and I find it rather difficult to play (which is the reason she gave it to me in the first place). I feel that getting a newer, smaller guitar would also convince me that it's worth my while learning to play better. I'd also like to get rid of my broken electric bass and pick up an acoustic at some point.

I'm really hoping that this year will turn out to be more musical than recent years. I used to be quite fond of making music in one way or another, and I did it on a regular basis. Lately, though, it's fallen by the wayside as I pursue other things. I'm determined to change that, though.
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