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Sarah and I went and had a life yesterday. How strange!

First, we tried to catch the 12:13 bus to Providence from the Wakefield Mall, but we missed it by a few seconds, and spent the next half hour racing it from stop to stop. We finally managed to beat it to the Warwick Mall stop, and rode it from there to the bus station in Providence. I am glad that we caught the bus because I have had bad experiences driving and parking in Providence so I didn't want to try to do it again.

We walked from the bus station to Thayer St. (off the Brown University campus) and then from there to veek's new apartment for her hauswarming party. katre and Duchess were there, as well as Misha who is Russian and his wife Anna. It was neat listening to people speak in Russian! Many more people arrived over the course of the next few hours and the haus got quite warm and packed and veek had provided yummy munchables. It was a fun little party. katre and Duchess said they wanted to come and visit Newport with Sarah and I sometime in the future, too. That sounds like fun!

We left the party at 4:30 to go get dinner. The Java Grille on Thayer St. serves absolutely delicious sandwiches and burgers, and it has a beautiful interior and relaxing atmosphere and perfect prices. Plus when we sit by a window we can watch all of the interesting people on the street. Theyer St. is full of cuties and wackos and they are entertaining to watch.

After dinner we walked down to the Providence river and sat by the edge until Waterfire started at dusk. It was very pretty watching the little burning things in the river and the music was fun. Then we caught the bus home.

It was a full day, and I was worn out at the end. But I had fun and got to meet people! (Also, thank you veek for an enjoyable time!)

I have not updated in a long time because I have been very busy with my new job, and I do not have Internet access from work. But I will try to update more often when I am home!)

I am looking forward to URI homecoming festivities. I hope there is free food!
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