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My coffee-shop girls

Have I posted about my coffee-shop girls before? I think I may have mentioned them. Since I got this job nearly a year ago, I've been taking the same route to work every weekday, and there's a Bess Eaton coffee and bake shop on the way, about twenty minutes from home. Many days I stop there and order a large vanilla coffee with cream and sugar. After a couple months of this, the girls who work there started recognising me, and having my coffee ready for me when I walked in the door. Then we started chatting for a couple minutes every time I stopped in, and now I know most of them by name and they greet me when I arrive. It's very pleasant, and well worth the price of the coffee. Plus the coffee is good too.

At first, Amy was the girl who got to know me best. She learned my name first, and was usually the one who prepared my coffee for me. Plus, she's really cute.

This morning, Amy's older sister Lauri asked if I had noticed that Amy hadn't been at work for the last week. I said I had, and that I had thought she was just taking a vacation. "No," Lauri said, "she got in a car accident and broke her left tibia and fibula and crushed her ankle, too." Oy.

I gave her my condolences to send along and asked if Amy would be back limping around the coffee-shop in a couple months. "Probably closer to a year," Lauri told me.

So I'm sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery in Amy's direction.
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