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End of the Summer

The summer ends and we wonder who we are...

So the last five days were a sort of mini-vacation for me. I had loads of things that I wanted to get done, but I didn't actually do many of them, because it felt too much like work. I wanted a break from that sort of thing. I wanted to do things that I hadn't planned to Get Done, but just wanted to Do.

I spent lots of time at the URI campus, just sitting and walking and watching college students interact. I spent time with my wife in-between her classes, and I spent money on food more often than usual. I feel okay with this because my new job is starting next Monday.

By pure chance on Friday I ran into a girl I had met this summer while taking an English course. She's a Maths major and we seem to share a lot of our views on the educational system, and we get along well, so we agreed to exchange emails. One of my goals for this break was to try and find a friend here in Rhode Island, so hopefully this will work out.

Saturday mangofandango and I took the bus to Providence and walked to Thayer St., near the Brown University campus. She got her belly-button pierced at Rockstar Piercing and we had lunch at the Java Grille while a rockabilly band played outside and artists hawked their wares from tents set up along the street. Even though it seemed like it would be fun to hang around and look at everything on display, I didn't feel like staying long so we went home around dinner time.

And today, back to work. But like I said, I start my new job next Monday, so it'll at least be a change of scenery. I really need to come up with a way to work from home and still make enough money to pay the bills.