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Tonight's festivities

So dinner at Pakarang was delicious, but it took us a while to actually get there. When we arrived in Providence, I realised that I had utterly forgotten to look up the location of the restaurant (stupid stupid stupid) and didn't remember exactly where it was. My brane told me "North Main St." so we walked that way for a while, but didn't see it. We did see the nice Roger Williams Memorial Park, though, which was pretty. Then we found a police officer and asked him if he knew where it was. He didn't, but gave us directions to another Thai restaurant. We really wanted Pakarang, though, so we asked one of the Waterfire volunteers, and she told it it was actually on South Main Street. After that, we had no trouble finding it.

I had Beef Basil, with onions, peppers, mushrooms, green beans, and rice in a spicy brown sauce. Sarah had Pad Thai with delicious spiced tofu -- I've never had tofu that tasted that good. The meal was wonderful and affordable. Highly recommended.

Then we sat by the river and watched the fires burn for a while, and commented on how lovely the night was, and how atmospheric and relaxing it is to sit there surrounded by friendly crowds on a warm summer night and watch the fires. I think I would truly love living in that city.

I have sprung for a paid account for the next two months. I feel so responsible. Now I shall proceed to utterly ignore all the extra features available to me, I expect. Except maybe I will make some polls and do some searches. Yeah.