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Busy busy busy

Saturday morning, mangofandango and I left for upstate NY to visit our parents and various other people. We arrived around 9 a.m. and got delicious bagels (Rhode Islanders just can't seem to make a decent bagel the way New Yorkers can) and then stopped at a supermarket and got a copy of the new Harry Potter book.

A lot of people on my friends list have already finished Order of the Phoenix. It just came out on Saturday! And it'll probably be another few years easily before the next one gets published. I would never want to rush through it so quickly! I'm letting Sarah read it first, while I re-read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, and then I'll read it at my usual slow pace, which means it'll easily be a couple months before I finish it. I think that will be more pleasant, even if I don't get to discuss it in detail with everyone else as soon as possible.

Saturday, Sarah went to see a pee-wee baseball game (the kind where neither team loses, and each inning lasts until every player has had a chance at bat) while I went with my soon-to-be-married brother to buy suits. I've never actually owned a good suit -- I got married in some nice beige slacks and a 50-year-old double breasted jacket that was my uncle Bob's when he was about 18 years old. It was amazing the difference between the cheap jackets I'd worn before and the nice ones that I got to try on at the store. The nice ones fit more comfortably, weighed a lot less, and just felt more pleasant all around.

Then in the evening we got to have dinner with many members of my extended family at my grandmother's camp on Lake George. I also got to meet my newest cousin (and my grandmother's 20th grandchild!) Nicholas, who's now three months old. He looks like a monkey!

We got to show off our new car, too, which no-one in our families had seen yet. They were all duly impressed and asked all sorts of questions about it. I was quite proud.

We got home late last night and fell into bed, because long drives and busy days are exhausting. I actually got the recommended eight hours of sleep last night, which is unusual these days, and I feel rested and healthy today. Plus it is hot and sunny out, the way June should be.

Sarah and I are starting to make plans for our anniversary, which is about a month away. We maybe spending a weekend in Maine! We haven't been there in a couple years (and the last time either of us went it was with our families), so it'll be nice to be back, and be able to take it easy and do whatever we please.

This Friday we're going to see The Matrix Reloaded for the third time, but this time it's at the IMAX theatre in Providence. The tickets are waiting for us, and we're pretty psyched about the experience. Neither of us has been to a real IMAX before (although I dimly recall seeing some sort of IMAX-type presentation at Disney, or something, when I was much younger) so the experience will be totally new.

We saw Sarah's old violin teacher on Sunday, and he, of course, asked if she still practiced her violin. She doesn't, much, even though I would like it if she did. However, I rarely pick up my guitar either. We made a pact that if either of us would commit to regularly practicing our instrument, so would the other. So maybe I'll be warming up my old pickin' fingers soon.

Yesterday in the car I sang the first couple lines of a song to Sarah, and then she sang the next couple back to me. It was a good song, and I knew the name and the artist when we sang it, but I forgot what it was when I was actually sitting at my computer 12 hours later and wanted to download it. It's an old-ish song, sung by a male vocalist, about love, and has trumpets in. It's not Chicago or Peter Cetera, though. I doubt I will ever recall it based on only this information. Sigh! I need a PDA to jot stuff down in. (I can't stand carrying a paper notepad and pen or pencil. They're unwieldy and prone to crumpling/tearing and the pen pokes me when it's in my pocket. Also, paper == killing trees!)

Now I must work, even though it is a beautiful day outside and I'd rather be lounging under a tree reading a book somewhere. Oh well!