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Hard where?

Yay! (Warning: computer-geekiness to follow.)

Today is another good day. I ordered a new hard drive and a 4-port router last week, and they both arrived today. The hard drive would have arrived yesterday, but nobody was home, and would have arrived earlier today, except they checked the wrong door for the the little signature-waiver dealie, but then I called and complained and they finally delivered it. The router had no trouble finding us.

So now I can plug the hard drive into one of the boxes that Vito sent us and have a Windows computer for things like playing games and making music and Windows programming. That will be fun. Our Linux box is named Neverend, and the new computer will be called Evernear.

I printed out the OpenGL programming guide today so maybe I can actually, finally, start trying to learn graphics programming. I have so many ideas swirling around inside my head that I want to try. Several of them involve Salvation. One of them is utterly insane but I won't be discouraged until I try to do it and fail. :)

That is all. My next post may very well be from Evernear.