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mangofandango and I went to see Waterfire in Providence last night. It had been theatening to rain all day, but by evening time the weather report had changed to merely "mostly cloudy" so we decided to chance it. Boy, was that a good decision! The night was absolutely gorgeous warm, comfortable air with just enough breeze.

We were hoping to meet cassiggity and her boyfriend there, since they just moved into their new apartment and we haven't gotten to meet them yet, but they weren't feeling well and so they stayed home. It is too bad, because they missed a wonderful Waterfire.

Today it is beautiful outside and I am going to go for a long walk, I think. We took a walk yesterday earlier in the day when it was nice out, and saw a very friendly rabbit outside one of the URI athletic buildings. It munched on grass and leaves and didn't mind getting quite close to us. That was fun!


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Jun. 16th, 2003 12:38 pm (UTC)
I deleted my post, but I wanted to reply to your comments, so I'm sticking them in the comment section of one of your posts so that I know it'll get to you :P

That sounds like a fun conference. The pigeon thing is cute! :) It reminds me of some of the work Irene Pepperberg is doing with Alex, though that's all behaviour-related more than visual systems.

The work she's done is amazing! I would love to do something like that, except that I'm not really sure how much demand there is for that ;) Pigeons are pretty smart.... when males were shown a receptive female, they danced a lot. When shown nonreceptive females and nonreceptive males, they danced a little less (so maybe not perfect, but maybe they're bi, who knows ;) ). But they don't dance at all when shown a duck ;)

Sucks about the car, though. Car trouble is the most annoying thing ever. I got stranded a few times last year when various things on the car died. Now we have our new sexy little Prius so I don't worry too much!

No kidding! And it's always a bad times. But it could have been worse -- at least it was an okay day weatherwise, it wasn't the middle of the night or the middle of winter. I wasn't running late. My cell phone worked, and we had the autoclub. If it was going to go, it might have gone on my way to work or to important places or something.

I take it the Prius is working out? I'm definitely interested in buying one of those when we are looking at getting a new car.

I love camping. I really enjoy getting lots of fresh air and sitting around with my family toasting marshmallows and singing and playing music and stuff. Sarah likes all that stuff but really doesn't like sleeping outdoors in a tent or a camper. Bother! :)

Camping is so relaxing. It's so easy to forget things that you're stressed about. The two of three times that I've fallen asleep before Rob have been camping. This is saying something, since he falls asleep in about two seconds even when he says he's not tired and I fall asleep in hours even when I'm exhausted ;) The only thing that I'm not crazy about is when there are bears around. I know the chances of them bothering me are quite slim, but my imagination runs crazy, particularly at night, so I'm picturing all sorts of scary things happening due to bears :P This park didn't have any, so I wasn't too worried. And I guess if they did have them, they would have attacked the campsite across the way instead of us :P
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