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Our poor potted palm is getting brown leaves on many of its smaller branches. I try to water it as often as I think of it, and every time I do the soil is dry so I don't think I'm over-watering it. But much of it just doesn't look healthy. I trimmed many of the dead leaves off just now, so it looks nicer.

The schefflera that my brother gave is us still healthy and hasn't had any real problems. It came with a bunch of teeny flies living in the soil, though, and they still haven't left. Luckily they do not bite, and don't seem too attracted to our food. They like coffee, though.

Our aloe plant has outgrown its little pot. A root is poking out one of the holes in the bottom! Unfortunately, the other pots we have aren't very much bigger, but I guess they'll suffice. Aloe is nice to have around to put on small scrapes and burns.

I enjoy having plants in our house, but I seem to have bad luck with keeping them alive. Even our little cactus died, somehow. Sigh. But I would like to get more hanging plants like vines and spider plants to put on top of shelves and stuff, since they are pretty and make the air fresh and clean.