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Time Out

I'm taking Wednesday through Friday of this week off. So I'll have five days of vacation, the longest break I've had since... my god, since before I started working here. Unfortunately, Sarah has classes on Wednesday and Friday so we won't be going anywhere fun and relaxing, or making any really big plans. But I'll get to spend some time working on projects that I've been putting off for far too long, and do some work around the apartment, and hunt for a new apartment (bigger, closer to campus), and just do things that make me feel generally better about life.

I plan on spending at least part of a day just hanging around the URI campus. I miss being around hordes of young naïve college kids. Plus, Sarah and I have lived here for almost a year and a half, and we've made exactly Zero new friends. Sure, I have some acquaintances at work, but none of them are close at all. I haven't hung out with them or specifically done anything non-work-related. This is undoubtedly my fault, even though I blame it on not having time or money. So maybe there's the chance that I'll meet someone fun and randomly start a friendship while on campus. Not much of a chance, but a better one than if I just sat at home for my entire vacation.

This weekend we're planning on going to the art festival on Thayer St. in Providence for most of Saturday. Sarah also wants to get her bellybutton pierced at Luna Sea sometime Saturday. I'd like to also go see the King Richard Renaissance Faire which is going on for a few weeks near Providence. violetstarfly says it's lots of fun. I don't have a suitable outfit, though. Maybe I can find a brown hooded robe and a length of rope and be a monk.

It's grey and rainy out, but I feel surprisingly cheerful. Yay! :)


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Sep. 16th, 2002 09:19 am (UTC)
Don't worry, lots of people don't go in costume. I personally just think it's more fun if you do.. that way you can fake the accent and not look silly :)
Sep. 16th, 2002 11:21 am (UTC)
I think I would like to have a costume to go in, though. That seems like one of the major points to the whole deal! But I honestly don't know what to expect. I've never been to one before and I haven't really read any detailed accounts of them. But I hope it will be fun!
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