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Epcot, which I had been told by several people (Homer Simpson included) was kind of dull, turned out, in my opinion, to be the sleeper hit of the trip. I went there with low expectations and after making myself ignore all the blatant advertising (Spaceship Earth BROUGHT TO YOU BY AT&T etc.) I was really blown away. The nifty little technologies that they let you play with in the Innoventions buildings were lots of fun, the educational/entertaining rides were neat, and the World Showcase, as I've mentioned before, was astounding. It's hugely entertaining to be able to check out little package examples of different cultures' architecture and design and art and music and, uh, merchandise with just a walk through a park.

Perhaps it's a sign of my increasing age that I had the most fun at the educational and scientific bits of Disney World, instead of the thrilling rides and stuff. I enjoyed those too, though.

The little performances that we saw at Epcot were neat, too. There were entertaining bands playing here and there (Off Kilter, a Canadian rock band that wore kilts, and MOROCKIN', an Arabic band with contemporary flair, really caught my fancy), neat performances of Chinese acrobatics, Japanese drumming, and a mischievous living statue in Italy, and the JAMMitors, a Stomp!-like group of percussion-playing janitors, in the main park.

Some of the cast members rode Segway scooters around Epcot all day. One nearly ran me over outside The Land (an exhibit about food and farming put on by the evil Nestlé corporation). They wouldn't let visitors ride them, though, so I just had to be jealous.


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Apr. 28th, 2003 07:39 am (UTC)
did you get to go to MGM and go on the Star Wars ride? and have your pics taken by the crashed Rebel fighter plane and the Imperial Walkers and the Speeder?

I ESP enjoyed that!

= )

...but then again...I AM A DORK....but that's ok...
Apr. 28th, 2003 10:11 am (UTC)
My MGM story is the next post in line, so expect it sometime this afternoon. We did go on Star Tours, which was lots of fun, but I didn't mention it in the post because I didn't want to get too rambly. :)

We also got squirted by the big AT-AT. That was very cool!
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