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No More Waiting

So this morning, senior coworker Nicole walked into my cubicle and told me that the Coast Guard had finally gotten back to her and said that I'll be starting my new subcontracting position there soon. No details yet (start date, location, etc.) but this is still good news. It means I'll have a paycheque for the next two years at least.

And then an hour later, the head of accounting gave me forms to fill out: medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 401(k). I'm finally becoming a Full Employee, a mere 9 months after I started working here.

I feel like the waiting is almost over. I've always been waiting for something: graduation, marriage, a job, insurance. And now it seems like everything's going to be settling into place and I can finally stop worrying about what to do if I get sick or injured, or whether I'll have a job in a month, or any of that.

So here's to not holding my breath any more. I sure hope this new job goes well.


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Sep. 12th, 2002 10:11 pm (UTC)
Congratulations, Ryan, I know you deserve the promotion to full-employeehood.

That being said, though, a word of warning: in the modern economy, with modern business practices, full salaried/benefited employment confers no job security whatsoever. We non-executive employees are totally disposable, highly replacable, and the first thing cut when the company hits hard times. We were told that no one would be laid off... and two weeks later, the company fired 17% of its workforce, including my entire development team. These decisions do not require much warning, if any. I first learned of the layoffs about ten minutes before me and the rest of my team was escorted out of the building.

So beware: live your life as best you can, but never, never trust that your job will last. Nothing is permanent, anymore. Protect yourself financially -- savings, investments, et cetera -- as best you can.

I speak with the voice of bitter post-layoff experience. :/ I hope your luck is better than mine.
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