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All in the Family

This trip was paid for with some of my late grandmother's money which was left to my father when she passed away a couple years ago. He decided to use it to have one big fantastic family vacation, which was quite a wonderful idea.

There were 8 people in our group. My parents, my older brother and his fiancée, me and Sarah, my younger sister, and my younger brother. For the past few months, my mom has been reading every Disney World guidebook she could find, and regularly emailing me Disney tips and URLs to helpful web pages. The only things I really got out of everything were the following useful tips:

  • Each park opens an hour early on a specific day to let in resort guests only. If you want to go on the most popular rides, get to the parks an hour before they open on these early days and then run to the ride as soon as you get through the gate.
  • From about noon to 3 p.m., it is wise to go back to one's resort and either sleep or read a book or go swimming. Just don't try to stay in the parks during the hottest and most crowded hours.

We all shared two rooms. Married couples (my parents and Sarah and I) in one, everyone else in the other. My parents like to go to bed early, which made coming home from Downtown Disney at 1 a.m. a little difficult, but luckily they aren't terribly light sleepers.

The trip gave me a chance to get to know my brother's fiancée a little better. She's been around for quite a while now, but I haven't really spent much time with her. She fits really well into our family dynamic, which is definitely a good thing, and she's a lot of fun to be with. I look forward to spending more time with her in the future, which won't be hard, since I'll be the best man at the wedding and all.

My brother has a Palm m105, onto which he had downloaded a number of hugely useful Disney World-related webpages. This was quite handy. His fiancée has a CamelBak, a backpack that holds several litres of liquid and has a long tube for drinking. This was also a very nifty thing that saved our throats from complete parchedness more than once. (There will be more on drinks at Disney in a later update.)

It was difficult trying to coordinate 8 people's desires so most of the time we did our own things in pairs or groups of three or four. I enjoyed spending some time with everyone at once, though. It doesn't happen that often anymore.


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Apr. 25th, 2003 11:59 am (UTC)
I am enjoying your chronicle of our trip - I really should get it together and write something myself, huh? :)

Also, this reminds me that I really would like a CamelBak!
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