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The Most Magical Place on Earth

Last Friday (April 18th) my family and I flew down to Orlando to have a six-day Walt Disney World vacation, the first time my whole family has been on vacation together in a long time. We got back last night. There's a lot to tell about and I'm not going to bore you by going through the trip chronologically -- instead I'll bore you by going through it topically. I'll make probably two posts each day for the next few days until I've covered everything.

When I was about four years old, I flew on a plane from Florida to New York with my parents and older brother after visiting my grandmother. I don't remember a thing about the flight. Apparently I slept through the entire thing. My only memory of the entire incident is that the next morning my mom gave me some breadsticks that she had saved from the in-flight meal. They had sesame seeds on them and were very dry.

My flight from Albany to Orlando (with a short stop in Baltimore) last Friday morning was effectively my first plane ride, and had no in-flight meal, but did have free cookies.

It's funny how I've always understood that people could fly from place to place in airplanes, and yet it didn't really sink in that it was a real occurrence until I was actually doing it. It's hard to explain the feeling of that sudden realisation. Suddenly this figurative thing that was purely conceptual was made concrete and real and there I was, six miles in the air. Sarah said she felt the same thing when I talked to her about it. I wonder if other people feel this way the first time they fly.

The first two flights (Albany to Baltimore, and Baltimore to Orlando) made me feel rather ill and lightheaded. My brother had offered me Dramamine before the flight, but I refused. I didn't want to be drowsy for the whole day, and I also wanted to experience the flight without any help from the drugs. Nerves probably contributed to the sickly feeling as well.

Flying back on Wednesday night was much better -- I didn't feel poorly even a little. Perhaps I'd got my "air legs," or perhaps it was a smoother flight, or perhaps sitting in the rear-facing seats in the emergency-exit row helped for some reason.

It was raining in Baltimore, and I thought of the Counting Crows.

During check-in at both airports I set off the metal detector because I was wearing my stupid khaki cargo pants with lots of metal zippers. They were the only pants I brought! I'll know better next time. But it was kind of fun getting wanded and having my shoes taken to be x-rayed.

There was a high school girls' softball team on the plane coming back from Orlando. One of them had laryngitis, turned 18 the day of the flight, and was the loudest, most obnoxious person ever. The rest were cute. I felt sorry for the middle-aged gentleman who had to sit next to the lot of them, though.

On Wednesday night, we left Orlando airport. It was 80 degrees and sunny. When we got in to Albany, it was 34 degrees and snowing. How poetic.

Next post: My Cynicism vs. Disney's Bank Account in the fight of the century!


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Apr. 25th, 2003 08:28 am (UTC)
Rear Facing seats! yay, southwest airlines! lol, i love those seats. I always try to get them on long plane rides. they creep my mom out though cuz somehow it's "just weird". oh well :) my fave thing to do on plane rides is look out the window at the clouds, or stars. Once I saw a thunder & lightning storm, it was far away and looked so amazing. I dont remember my first plane ride, i was really little, but we flew alot as a kid so plane rides were just kinda normal for me..
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