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Rage, my darling, rage!

In case I haven't mentioned her to you yet, Sarah Slean is an incredible musician and you should all buy her albums and EPs and support her. She's worth spending money on.

I spent all last week at home, sick, with a terrible sore throat/headache combo. Went to see a doctor, but the throat swab apparently came up negative (he never called to tell me I was sick) -- however, the amoxicillin he put me on seems to have helped a lot somehow anyway. It's weird. It was kind of nice being able to work from home for a week. I still managed to get some work done and I got lots of sleep and relaxation (albeit in pain) as well. Too bad my boss won't let me work from home regularly.

Tonight I am going to Providence to get my ear pierced. This is a big thing for me. I am excited! My parents will probably get weirded out, but they'll deal. I think it will look good!

Wish me luck. :)


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Mar. 19th, 2003 11:48 am (UTC)
Luck! Also, love!

You know what I will (want to) tell your parents if they give you any crap about this. Don't be scared! Hee. ;)

Also, I will have you know that line of that song that you used in your subject has been in my head for days now.

I am glad you are excited! See you soon :)
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