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Incredible Head

On Saturday we drove down route 1 to Westerly. Along the way we got caught in a traffic jam, and up ahead I could see cars pulled over, firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances. It took a couple minutes for us to reach the scene of the accident, but when we got there, I couldn't tell what was going on. None of the cars looked smashed up, the buildings off the side of the road weren't on fire, and everyone just seemed to be standing around.

Then I noticed the smashed-up single-engine plane standing on its nose in the middle of the trees behind one of the buildings. Yow! We were right across the highway from the end of the runway of the little county airport, and apparently someone had difficulty lifting off. I haven't heard any news about the accident, so I don't really know what happened. But it was quite a sight to see.

The showerhead we bought in November has gotten clogged recently, and was reduced to a pitiful trickle by Friday morning. Soaking it in hot water and vinegar didn't do a thing, and I couldn't take apart its bulky plastic body to clean it by hand. It seemed hopeless. So Saturday we picked up an Incredible Head from Home Depot. It's a tiny, three-inch long by one-inch diameter simple straightforward chrome showerhead, with nothign fancy about it at all. But boy does it ever work wonderfully! It's water-saving, but it manages to project all the water it does use in a nice wide, evenly distributed, powerful spray. I like Incredible Head. Buy one next time you need a showerhead. It's made by Resources Conservation, Inc.

Still haven't found another source for Homies, and the vending machine that I got the first two from was still broken as of Saturday. I'll check again soon. Grr.


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Mar. 3rd, 2003 01:20 pm (UTC)
I like Incredible Head

Teeheehee. >:)

Rob got a really good showerhead a little while ago. He likes having the needle spray and it's really good with that. I don't particularly like that, but switching between them is pretty easy ;) It's funny how a good showerhead can make such a big difference. His shower is generally really good -- doesn't take forever to get a good temp, always good pressure, etc., but now it's phenomenal.
Mar. 19th, 2003 09:00 pm (UTC)
hi, you don't know me. :P i was just browing uri livejournals randomly and noticed that you actually find homies as interesting as i do :P There are some at the Wakefield Mall lobby... but I don't think they ever refill those machines. There are homies action figures, too.

Anyways, spiffy site, even if it wasn't made on a mac :p

have a good one.
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