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Sunset sky

The sun is setting and the sky is a beautiful orangey-pink colour which is lighting everything up with a rosy hue. I like it when the world views itself through rose-coloured glasses.

I haven't been posting as often lately because I haven't felt like I have that much to say about anything public. That's not to say my life hasn't been interesting over the last month or so; it has, in many ways, but they've been personal and private ways.

I've spoiled myself lately, doing things that I never had the chance to do when I was younger - primarily, spend money on thigns my parents convinced me were "wasteful" or "frivolous." We bought a nice big television, a DVD player, a bunch of DVDs, and a Nintendo GameCube. We've been renting movies and games often, and we've been spending more time and money and effort on our personal sanity than anything else. And somehow we're still managing to save more money than ever before.

We have this nice apartment now, full of furniture and luxuries and entertaining things and I would love to show it off, but even though we've been in Rhode Island for a year and a half we still don't really have any close friends to invite over for any reason, and that makes me a bit sad. But I've never been one to make friends left and right, anyway. I'm sure that eventually it'll work out.

But for now, for the most part, I'm content. I come home and I love the place I'm living, I love my wife, I love everything around me. There will always be little problems, but they're all things I can deal with.

Hooray for contentedness.