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At least I'm consistent

Hey look, it's the end of the year and my posting frequency has slowed to a trickle! Who could have guessed it?

I am well. Work keeps me busy but it's still a great job and I'm not getting burned out or anything, which is a good sign. Life is generally pretty great, and I'm happy with the way things are going. It's wintry and nice (generally -- today it's inexplicably warm and rainy), and I'm looking forward to going snowboarding as soon as I get a chance to start slowly on some easy runs (many mountains only have blue square or black diamond runs open so far; I'm waiting until I can get warmed up on some green circles before I take a chance with the intermediate stuff).

Saturday was my family Christmas party. I made a relatively off-the-cuff spinach and artichoke dip that went over spectacularly. Often at family events the stuff we make is viewed suspiciously and hardly touched; this one garnered rave reviews instead. Yay!

Last Thursday and Friday Sarah and I bought and put up our Christmas tree, and hung ornaments on it. Last night we had some friends over and strung popcorn and cranberry garlands, which was mainly a fun excuse to have mulled cider and fresh banana bread and just chat. That was a relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening.

As soon as work is done this Thursday, I'm off for a ten-day holiday where our only plans are "do Christmas stuff with the family". I am going to do my best to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible.