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Clean computer closet!

11132008146 Last weekend I finally got around to cleaning our computer closet. When we moved into the apartment we just sort of threw everything computer-related into that closet and plugged it in and ignored it, and it was a giant mess, totally unusable. Now I've cleaned and organized and it's actually nice!

I can't do much about the tangle of cables right now, since that would mean shutting everything down and disconnecting it all while I do it. I figure we'll probably lose power at some point and then I'll be able to deal with all that stuff, but for now it's manageable.

(My life is so exciting. Certain people who read this will say, "Wait, he's still on about his computer closet? It's been like five days!" Sorry, certain people.)

The monitor and keyboard on the left are hooked up to our old MythTV box, which I wiped and installed Ubuntu 8.10 server edition on and turned into a development and web server, complete with a handy SVN repository that auto-deploys any committed files. A good dev setup helps me be more productive.