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Skunk Hollow Tavern

Despite the threat of terrible weather last night, we took a half-hour drive over to Hartland, VT (which involved driving south for a while, crossing a long covered bridge over the Connecticut River, then driving north for a while -- where's my futuristic flying car?) to the Skunk Hollow Tavern, which is about as perfect a little country tavern as you can possibly imagine. It's small and snug, with old wooden floorboards and a giant fireplace right in the center of everything, and a whole bunch of patrons who all seem to know each other. Upstairs is a dining room where they (apparently) serve really good food, although we didn't eat there last night.

When we started out, there was hardly any participation precipitation (oops, thinko). It got steadily worse as we drove, although the tires weren't slipping at all and it wasn't heavy enough to cause vision problems. The drive took exactly as long as I expected, so if the weather was actually good and the roads were clear, we could probably cut it down to 25 minutes or so.

It was Open Mic Night at "The Skunk" and the entertainment at first was the usual mix of talented and amateur-but-enthusiastic guitarists. After half an hour or so, though, a guy got up with his guitar, and a drummer and bassist (apparently Skunk regulars) joined him. After discussing things for a minute, the guitarist broke into some absolutely incredible blues guitar playing and singing. It was phenomenal, really. The bassist was also really good, enjoying himself and switching between standard and slap bass and improvising in the standard blues form. They played four songs, all of them really great, before we decided to hit the road before the weather got any worse. The drive back was still okay, although a few miles from home the visibility got awful and I had to take it pretty slowly.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun. My bass teacher (who is the music teacher at Sarah's school) was there, and another one of the paraeducators from her school came with him, and we had a great time joking and laughing and singing along when we knew the songs. I definitely want to go back there for another open mic, and also to try their food. I love finding new little places! I should probably try going to random places I've never been more often.