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A great science fiction western graphic novel about a retired bandit.

By Kazu Kibuishi
Viper Comics, August 2006 (2nd ed.)
Started: Friday, February 1st
Finished: Saturday, February 2nd

My thoughts.

What a great, cute little story! Kibuishi is probably best known for the beautiful and surreal Copper webcomic, so this book is an interesting side-project for him. The art is all greyscale, blank ink on top of gorgeous watercolors, and it's really just stunning. The establishing shots are gorgeous, and every now and then there's a panel that's just breathtaking.

Kibuishi does a great job creating fun, if not entirely unique, characters, and a wonderful setting. His "New West" is a great mix of stereotypical old west and futuristic robotics, with lovely piles of improbably architecture thrown in that just make my imagination leap.

The story follows a common western arc: Daisy, down on her luck, takes a heist job, and things don't go exactly as planned. It's well-written and engaging, and a breeze to read through (I would have finished it in an hour except I started it too late last night and fell asleep).

Anyway, very highly recommended. This is a lovely little book, and I hope Kibuishi spends more time exploring her world in the future.