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Book Notes: Iron Sunrise

Post-singularity hard science fiction, with time travel, FTL spaceships, instantaneous quantum communications, fun stuff like that.

By Charles Stross (autopope)
Ace Science Fiction, July 2005
Started: Thursday, January 10th
Finished: Tuesday, January 15th

I read Singularity Sky a couple years back, and at some point I picked up a copy of Iron Sunrise but never read it. Recently I noticed it sitting on my shelf and figured I'd give it a go, since I had enjoyed the previous book, and Charlie's going to be at Boskone in a month. The concept of the technological singularity is a fun one to play around with, and Stross is one of the best writers playing with it these days. He's put together an engrossing story with likeable characters. I think my critical bone is malfunctioning right now, so you're not going to get any in-depth analysis here; suffice it to say it was enjoyable.

Here, Elf Sternberg has a more critical review.