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A late valentine to my sweetie

You see I try to spell "hug" with an H and G, but I--
Forgot "U"! (Ooh ooh ooh)
I guess it's not quite "true" with just T-R-E, 'cause I--
Forgot "U"! (Ooh ooh ooh)
I said, if I could spell better, remember that letter,
Ha! Then you'd understand (you'd understand).
But I write "I love yo", and you don't know, 'cause I--
Forgot "U"! (Ooh ooh ooh)

Yeah, you asked me, could we share a taxi?
When I meant we could I said "we cold".
You gave me your sweater. Man, I need that letter.
Forgettin' "U" is gettin' old.

I really need "U"! I'm so in love with you.
(You know it's a good vowel. Don't throw in that towel.)
Ooooh, I'm stuck on you like glue,
But G-L-E doesn't mean a thing.

My love for you is pure; I write P-R-E, but I--
Forgot "U"! (Ooh ooh ooh)

Now I know, that you're into spelling,
But don't ask me to spell out lod.
I'm always dreaming -- and this is telling --
My head's always up in the clod.

Without that "U", I tell the stars above,
(You know it's a good vowel. Don't throw in that towel.)
Ooooh, my heart is "fll of love",
But you just don't get it.

How can our love "endure" (E-N-D-R-E), when I--
Forgot "U"? (Ooh ooh ooh)

Now baby, baby, baby, why you askin' me to spell what I can't? (I can't, I can't, I can't.)
I tried to ask my ncle but he told me "This is one for your ant." (Your ant, your ant, your ant.)
A! E! I! O! U! Why!
Baby! Oh! I need "U", I really do! Oooooh!

I try to say you're "cute" with a C-T-E, but I--
Forgot "U"! (Ooh ooh ooh)
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The Santa Code

Reknowned sleigh-driver Jacques Laneige staggered through the blustering cold wind blowing through the forested countryside. Grasping at a wooden fencepost, he looked down, recoiling in horror as he realized the blood on his bemittened hands was not his own. Behind him, the injured horse whinnied, the merry jingling of his bells seeming out of place given the horrible tragedy that had just occurred. Hearing a pained cry, Laneige froze, turning slowly. From the crushed mess of the upsot sleigh, world-famous socialite Fanny Bright was trying to pull her injured body from the drifted snowbank. Laneige shuddered. Despite the horse's tendency toward misfortune, this crash was no accident. Someone had tried to kill him -- but whom?
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I 201 Created a story

Their love was 403 Forbidden, so they tried to 303 See Other people, but when they 302 Found each other one lonely night, she said 200 OK and they decided to 100 Continue. He said, "I 301 Moved Permanently uptown," and after a 307 Temporary Redirect around a construction zone, they arrived. After struggling to unlock the 502 Bad Gateway, they entered his house. Flirtatiously she whispered in his ear, "411 Length Required," and he felt an internal 409 Conflict. As she undid his zipper, she frowned. "417 Expectation Failed," she said, upset. "406 Not Acceptable?" he asked sadly, but she was already 410 Gone.
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Here are the cheeks you requested

Photographic evidence of cheekiness:


She had a pediatrician appointment today and got weighed and measured. She has gained half an inch in length and is up to 8 lbs. 4 oz., which is a full pound higher than last appointment, and 6 oz. over her birth weight!

In the exam room, I took off all her clothes for the weighing, and as I picked her up she peed all over me. On my hand, down my arm, on my shirt and shorts and into my sandals. That was great. Then I was damp and smelled of pee until we got home. (Baby pee smells like rainbows and sunshine, though.)

Time for bed now.
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In the few days since my last post, the size of Sophie's cheeks has approximately tripled. She is cute and pudgy, but the weight of those cheeks tends to give her a pretty constant scowl. On top of that (literally and figuratively) she has the Freebern tendency towards furrowing her brow, so it constantly looks like I am carrying around a tiny curmudgeon.

My dad said her profile makes him think of Alfred Hitchcock:
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Hello, my baby


Sophie Florence arrived July 11th, 2009 at 2:28 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and is strong and healthy! Sarah and I are spending our time at home getting acquainted with this little marvel. I am very happy. :)
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April fools!

Yesterday I successfully perpetrated an April Fools Day prank in my office. Last week I wrote a little javascript file that makes links, buttons, images, etc. on a webpage go skittering away from your mouse whenever you try to move the mouse over them. It was pretty great! Then yesterday morning I set it up on our company's admin site, so that it only loaded for computers in the office, and only randomly on about 1 in 8 page loads.

At one point in the day, I heard my boss exclaim in surprise about his browser doing something wacky. That was the last I heard about it until later in the afternoon. Then I heard that one of the support guys had been surprised by it a few times and kept rebooting his computer every time it happened, which was pretty funny. But the best part was that he did some client training in our conference room later and it happened then too, and the client thought it was really funny. I had forgotten to exclude the conference room computer! I'm glad our clients generally have good senses of humor.

Apparently my boss and the company president encountered it at least once while discussing things too, and then eventually I confessed and people were impressed. It was quite a neat little effect, and everyone enjoyed it.
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I want to apologize to people with whom I haven't been keeping in touch (including my whole friends list here, because I really haven't been posting much). The baby has sort of made me go all introspective and focus more on Sarah and Me and The Future, which I guess has resulted in less communication with the outside world.

Things are going well, though. Life is good!
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Signs of the future

Every now and then I come across some technological limitation that bothers me a little, and then at some point that limitation disappears, and it makes me feel a little like I'm living in the future. A past example: I used to have to carry around separate gadgets to make phone calls, take photos, and listen to music, and now I have a convergence device in my pocket that does all those things and more.

Right at this moment I am wishing I could just access my entire music collection (which sits on a fileserver at home) without having to worry about hosing either my work connection, my home connection, or overheating the fileserver. I suspect in a couple years I'll feel comfortable streaming music from home to any networked device without worry. I also suspect it'll be a couple years beyond that when I can stream said music to my phone without having to worry about the cost. And possibly it'll be a few more years until having a home media collection starts feeling a bit anachronistic, instead of just paying my subscription fee to have always-available streaming access to anything I want.
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Thru You

I am breaking unintentional radio silence because the other day I came across Thru You, a YouTube musical mashup album put together by Israeli artist Kutiman. It is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time, absolutely inspired, every song catchy and layered and amazing.

In case the site doesn't work (it's been hammered a lot lately), you can find all seven of the tracks mirrored at this YouTube user's page.